High Ratings for Revere Guest House and Provincetown

When it rains, it pours, so they say, and these days it’s raining high ratings – high ratings for Revere Guest House and also for our lovely beach town of Provincetown, MA!

High Ratings for Revere Guest House

More honors for Revere Guest House and Provincetown!

Last October we received word of high ratings for Revere Guest House when Hotels.com. named us one of 10 Charming American Bed & Breakfasts Around The US on Business Insider. Now we discover that Provincetown has been called out as number 2 on Yankee Magazine’s list of The 25 Best Beach Towns In New England by Yankee Magazine.

We’ve always known that Provincetown was a great place to visit or live. We didn’t need outside confirmation of that but it still feels awfully good when we hear or see some! Travel and Leisure Magazine put Provincetown at number 4 on their list of 25 of America’s Favorite Beach Towns not too long ago, either.

But that’s not all …

Business Insider has just posted an article on The Best Hotels In 18 Beach Towns Across America and, pardon us for bragging but guess who came in at number 2 on their list? That’s right: more high ratings for Revere Guest House!

Doing something you love in a place you love is a wonderful feeling but knowing others also love what you do, where you do it? Well, that’s just gravy.

Here’s big, heartfelt thank you to all our wonderful guests and beautiful Provincetown, MA for helping to make The Revere Guest House such a success!

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